What an incredible city is Mumbai! It has something for everyone. It has the seas, the lakes and the river (infamous for its filth and floods but it’s got it). Despite the ever increasing urban population, Mumbai has somehow managed to keep intact one of the largest urban national parks in the world, Sanjay Gandhi National Park. I have been living in this city for all my life but never thought I’d be able to go for a trek barely 20 kms from my house.

Yogi Hills in Mulund West is an easy trek that takes an hour to the top. There are number of blogs that talk about how to get there, so we won’t talk about it. I want to share with you the incredible view it has to offer. I’ll be honest I didn’t expect it to be so amazing.

Not only does it have this view but the trek had amazing fauna as well. I’d suggest using a mosquito repellent before you start, you’ll meet some proper quality mosquitoes on the way. Blood suckers. Check these creatures I met on the way.

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