Time: 08:30 PM

It’s just when you start valuing things that exist in your life, you lose them. I have this blog for a couple of years now and off late I have been posting very less. In fact, I put out a post on last  Tuesday exactly after a year. Although this redundant space on the internet was lying around unused, I had it in the back of my mind. Life just happened and I could never make myself write good enough for a blog post. I’d partly blame my growing interest in photography for this. Last year (March 2015), I purchased a second hand Canon 550D from a friend and life is now viewed from behind its lens. I have started to appreciate people who regularly post content online for the world to see, thanks to the arduous task that is photo and video editing. Anyway I’m digressing from what I wanted to say. So I forgot to renew  my Wordpress hosting and now I have lost all my posts. The charges for retrieving my data was not something I felt I deserved spending on considering the fact that I’d posted just once in the last year. It feels terrible. Data that I have lost contained blogs I’d written years ago including some of my travel posts which I hoped I’d cherish in the years to come. A part of me feels bad but I am also happy I took the decision of not retrieving them. I wouldn’t have realised how I was keeping myself away from the happiness this gives me. This whole fiasco is dramatic in its own way. What I make of this space remains to be seen.

For now, here are some pictures I’d like you to cherish from a post I put up last year when I was in London.

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(In case it is of any interest to you, I shot them on a Canon 550D using a Tamron lens. Editing was done on Lightroom and filters on VSCO.)